Adelaide B.Shaw, USA PDF Print E-mail

by younger and smarter
it's easy to quit;
still... I'll keep pushing forward
even as I lag behind
birthday dinner ---
the late summer night
is filled with insects;
are they aware of aging
and the shortness of life

Andre Surridge, New Zealand PDF Print E-mail

the doctor takes my pulse
can she feel
the steady beat
of tanka in my blood
so often
I fall into the trap
of generalising ...
the digits on this hand
each one different

Anne Benjamin, Australia PDF Print E-mail

a student
defends her dissertation
to silvered scholars ---
somewhere in the ceiling
sparrows chirp

Aurora Antonovic, Canada PDF Print E-mail

I'll never forget him
no matter what else
comes my way ---
the surgeon who held my hand
'til I fell asleep

Barbara Taylor, Australia PDF Print E-mail

spent morning hours
recouping my every step
through garden paths ...
I'm sure my glasses hung
around my neck at the start
dinosaurs once roamed
around the wollemi pines,
now we grow them
in large garden pots
on shady verandahs

Beatrice Yell, Australia PDF Print E-mail

in Kuala Lumpur city
wake us at dawn ---
Games' building continues
despite the muezzin's call
home in the old forge
you gaze over the downs
towards the sea ---
a camera can record
images not private thoughts

Beverley George, Australia PDF Print E-mail

wet washing
and her reading chair
chase the sun
around three verandahs
of her valley farmhouse

Beverly Acuff Momoi, USA PDF Print E-mail

snow drifts reach for eaves
in that long pause
she knows
he will not make it
the cat retreats
to the corner of the closet
deep within the dark
how often
I choose silence

Bob Lucky, Ethiopia PDF Print E-mail

early June
after the meltdown
an email ---
Japanese friends tell me
what they're planting
various comb-overs
in the mirror
anticipating nature
I shave my head
lights out
the sound of the dog
lapping water ---
which one of us, I wonder
will be the first to go

Carmel Summers, Australia PDF Print E-mail

each word 
weighed, rehearsed
no easy way
to say these things to you

Catherine Smith, Australia PDF Print E-mail

lately, at night
a colony of fruit bats
arrives at my place ...
refugees perhaps,
without any papers
soccer match
play moves downfield ...
from above
a kookaburra swoops,
scores a freshly turned worm

Charles D.Tarlton, USA PDF Print E-mail

saying penance
at the communion rail
piety failed me
I saw myself,bowing
just perfectly so

Chen-ou Liu, Canada PDF Print E-mail

the dog runs
in circles chasing its tail
under a blazing sun
the shadow and I look
into each other's eyes
autumn twilight
I stand against the wall ...
one inch lonelier
than when I first became
a poet in exile
three words
you murmur into my ear
fill up the hole
I've had inside my heart
since that crescent moon night

Claire Everett, UK PDF Print E-mail

until, my love
our days have the ink
of autumn
drying in their veins ...
ten thousand leaves in the sun
dawn chorus
a head full of words
I shape my cheek
to the last page of a dream,
a pillow of tanka
I nursed you through
the aches and ills of childhood ...
now this fever
and this mother's arms
that will not break

Colin Stewart Jones, UK PDF Print E-mail

I stagger
into a summer dawn ...
its tongue out
the three-legged dog
in step with the old man

Cynthia Rowe, Australia PDF Print E-mail

tae kwon do ... a cockatoo
on the branch
overhead rehearses
its own routine
global warming ---
the ship's prow fractures
ancient icebergs
while you fret about cubes
melting in your whisky

Dawn Bruce, Australia PDF Print E-mail

the ferry race
goes on without us
this year
after many false starts
her dementia wins
burning sun ...
cicadas thrum
their ardour
into the heart of summer
heat meeting heat
she offers
herself as subject matter
to the artist ---
shadows lace their bodies
and a long wintering begins

Dorothy Walker, Australia PDF Print E-mail

our street
awash with rain ...
how I wish
I were brave enough
to jump in the puddles
your arms encircle me
as we watch sunlight
flood our room ---
the passion of youth
rekindled with the dawn

Ellen Weston, Australia PDF Print E-mail

to go or stay ---
I spin a coin high
in the air
watching it spin, I
decide what to do

Gerry Jacobson, Australia PDF Print E-mail

on the edge
of my comfort zone ...
trying to move
in the space between us
it's late
it's cold...I'm tired...
need sleep
but the fire still glows
my friends still linger

Giselle Maya, France PDF Print E-mail

even taking
a quantum leap,
what does he mean
"we are nothing but
a bunch of chemicals"

Guy Simser, Canada PDF Print E-mail

when she tells me
I quickly retreat saying
I need a shower
camouflaging my grief ---
one more school chum gone
this mind born
from no fixed point
now ebbing
my long narrative poem
stringing through space

J. Zimmerman, USA PDF Print E-mail

a young friend
demonstrates wool spinning
after six decades
I'm once again a spinster ---
the bitter taste of green tea
sipping gunpowder tea
he calls in the teashop "who
can spell 'lecherous'?"
when three women reply
his smiling bow to each

Jan Foster, Australia PDF Print E-mail

beneath your gaze
my face remains
shuttered ---
a searchlight sweeps
across darkened seas
an old homestead
floats down the flooded river
its walls askew ---
my daughter tells me
it's time to retire
honeymoon quarrel ---
she paddles the lagoon
in deeper water
the shadow of a shark

Kala Ramesh, India PDF Print E-mail

today I think
of all my yesteryears
with you ---
but were you ever with me
at any time at all?
having no god
I answer to none
 ... but my shadow
what was it like
in its previous life?

Keitha Keyes, Australia PDF Print E-mail

we learn to pronounce
from the news,
watching at a safe distance
... powerless to help you
jogging past me
a beautiful young thing
that was me
forty years ago
or was it yesterday

Lucas Stensland, USA PDF Print E-mail

I can't tell
if it's her underlining
or mine ---
she went back again
to her husband
young boys
checking out
young girls
I'm too damn old
for this damn store

M. Kei, USA PDF Print E-mail

she tells me
when she dies
to have her ashes
made into a blue diamond
the groan of my knees
as I drag myself up
from the concrete floor ---
this is a young man's job
but a wage is a wage
a few more dreams ---
clouds piled
on the grey branches
of grey trees
on a grey day

Maggie Chula, USA PDF Print E-mail

Vicks Vapor Rub
the smell of Mother in winter
her hands rubbing
my small chest back and forth
deeper into my heart
past the age
of intrigue and longing
I spend the day
reading the diaries
of Heian women

Margaret Dornaus, USA PDF Print E-mail

all around us
the violence of last night's storm
as the bouquet of roses
you lay down beside me

Margaret Grace, Australia PDF Print E-mail

yellow buckets
on the ferris wheel rust
in a field of grass ...
not even a bird call
in this Chernobyl wasteland
in the market-place
a pile of red chillies
catches the light ---
the blush on my cheeks
when your eyes meet mine
two brilliant stars...
Blake's words 'tiger, tiger
burning bright'
stalk my mind
as I toss and turn

Marilyn Hazelton, USA PDF Print E-mail

early morning heat
everyone is crazed
black ants fight
between meditation books
on my patio table
family photo:
my father's father
before the booze
before the house was lost
before we inherited fear
my grandmother
steps away from sadness
to read tea leaves
a skill she learned
when everything changed

Marilyn Humbert, Australia PDF Print E-mail

in the lonely sea
you forgot, I am strong
I can swim against the rip
sitting rocking
surveying her domain
great aunty
sometimes we visit ...
so does the wind and moon

Mary Franklin, Canada PDF Print E-mail

a mirror falls
and down its oval face
a crack appears ---
in this fragile relationship
more bad times than good
purple-tinted cloud
patches of rosy-pink snow
high in the Rockies
my daily cares
thin as mountain air

Merle Connolly, Australia PDF Print E-mail

he sails his ship
on a make-believe ocean,
guides it safely
through foaming seas
my grandson, the bathtub sailor

Naomi Wakan, Canada PDF Print E-mail

will seagulls
lift my unwritten poems
from my grave
and smash them on my tombstone
until they break open?
virgin poets launch
themselves loudly and lengthily
on open stage
we old hands follow with
our small, perfect mutterings

Neal Whitman, USA PDF Print E-mail

slats in the lattice fence
crisscross diagonally
in diamond-shaped spaces
the vines intertwine
jasmine and morning glory
the barn window
lit by a source
unknown to me
this evening
I read Thomas Hardy

Pamela A. Babusci, USA PDF Print E-mail

a white gardenia
within her heart
this time it will be
impossible to forgive
at night
she sheds her veneers
and escapes
into a blue river
of morning glories

Patricia Prime, New Zealand PDF Print E-mail

a wind whispers
its one note over and over
into the willow's
ten thousand leaves ...
the light pregnant with autumn

Peggy Heinrich, USA PDF Print E-mail

he played with numbers
in his mind, drove a golf ball
straight ahead for miles,
but couldn't talk about
his love or his despair
even before Hitler
my parents talked about
where we're not wanted ---
my parents loved me
why didn't everyone

Sanford Goldstein, USA PDF Print E-mail

of my energy toward life
gone astray,
I look in grim moroseness
at the tsunami debris
the Japanese
talk to the death portrait
of the loved one,
why is it that not once
have I talked to my lonely wife's?

Sonam Chhoki, Kingdom of Bhutan PDF Print E-mail

this toadwork*
how it squats on my life
and writings now ---
a slackening of the drive
at endless amber lights
again and again
they dip into the drain
bulbuls* in a row
whirr of comb and wings
and rumps on full parade
* with apologies to Philip Larkin
* song bird in Asia which features in literature,
including Sufi poetry

Sonja Arntzen, Canada PDF Print E-mail

winter twilight ---
is what I see real or
a figment of desire
crimson aura around
the plum tree next door
spring has passed
while I listened so intently
to the song sparrows
I could almost score
their compositions

Susan Constable, Canada PDF Print E-mail

just how much you know
about me ---
one Babushka doll
inside another
snow flurries
blur the edge of my garden
as night descends
the word dementia swirls
then settles in my mind
a yellow crocus
opens to the morning sun ---
in the waiting room
a woman's warm hello
hangs in icy silence

Svetlana Marisova, New Zealand PDF Print E-mail

what love is this
which finds you within me
filling the night?
you, who made this mystery,
rise with the sun in my heart