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scented . . .
in the forest
sigh of
oaks, beeches,
larks and you



moonless night . . .
on the steps of ruin
or into
a kitten's milk,
falling ashes



how like
babel, sullen
thunder . . .
a blank cartridge
shooting wisps of clouds



down, down
screw the staircase
to the abyss
tell me again how
we became civilized



we talked
about our dream . . .
each other
under the Betelgeuse,
are you gone already?


Tr. by Mariko Kitakubo and Robert D. Wilson



Mariko Kitakubo is a poet who lives in Tokyo. A member of the Association of Contemporary Tanka Poets, and Kokoro no Hana Tanka Society, she is active in writing and performing. Kikakubo is a prolific poet and author.