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My stepmother, across the table from me, is yet again complaining about getting old. I have heard this lament for thirty years. She just turned seventy-three. Today, I am not in the mood. I interrupt her. ‘You know, Mom, you don’t have to get any older. There is a way to stop aging.’

Her face goes blank. She doesn’t get it. Dad just smiles.

‘C’mon, Mom. Think about it. What’s the only way not to get any older?’

I let her puzzle it out. She needs a couple of minutes. Dawn breaks and now she’s disgusted. ‘Don’t be so ridiculous,’ she says.

‘Well, if you’re not willing to embrace the alternative, stop bitching about getting older.’

Dad, who contributes not a word to the brief discussion, opts for the alternative himself six months later.

dawn light
across the gap in the hedge
spider silk



Ignatius FayA resident of Canada, Ignatius Fay is a retired invertebrate paleontologist. His poems have appeared in many online and print journals. He is the editor of the Haiku Society of America Bulletin.