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Imprints of Dreams
Damir Janjalija
ISBN: 978-86-87683-02-0
Prize: $6
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A Review by Robert D. Wilson


Damir Janjalija is a sailor, a restless wanderer poet in the tradition of Saigyo, who wakes up every morning to a different now, the ocean his traveling companion: whispering, laughing, roaring, ever suggestive, persistent, never the same . . . Damir and the sea, the two dancing with the elements in a ballroom of stars, clouds be damned.

Damir Janjalija has written a book of haiku influenced by his relationship to the sea. It's an exceptional book containing memorable poetry that will linger in a reader's mind long after an initial reading. Most books of haiku published today contain non-memorable, poorly crafted haiku-like poems that are not taken seriously by the mainstream international literary community. Imprints of Dreams is not one of them. His poetry speaks for themselves, multi-faceted gems layered with a surplus of meaning that connect to your subconscious psyche. Reading this book can change the way you view and understand haiku. Damir is a poet's poet, a restless soul not content with patterns, back slapping, and politics. He plumbs his soul for words that will take you with him across the ocean, feeling, sensing, wondering, reaching out to a now that isn't sentient, always changing and impermanent.

Enter Damir Janjalija's cabin, stare with him out of the port holes at a world few see or experience.



fleeing the war
through a hole in my shoe
autumn rain

winter window
this lonely face hidden
behind my breath

dew on the petal
of a just bloomed lotus
I am no more

five, seven, five
I count on my fingers
deep fall

the still sky
for a moment outshouted by
the  nightingale