Nu Quang

Nu Quang, a Chinese Vietnamese, grew up during the war and lived under the Communist rule for ten years after Saigon fell. Now a naturalized US citizen, she writes from her background consisting of three cultures. Her haiku, haibun, and tanka have been and will be published in the issues of Notes from the Gean, A Hundred Gourds, The Heron’s Nest, Haiku News, Mainichi Daily News, Multiverses, Moonbathing, Red Lights, Lynx, Atlas Poetica, Ribbons, Lyrical Passion Poetry Ezine.

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another year
of plum trees in bloom . . .
what I saw
on the path I came by
now invisible

Mother’s wounds
invisible to me
when I was young–
now let me heal them a little
with the touch of my words


setting sun
half-way on the horizon . . .
I try to see
where my hometown sits
beyond the waters