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Odlazeći dan
vrhom brega ispija
zalazak sunca

today day
sips the setting sun
with the hilltop

Žuboreći pod granama
potok gubi glas
u lišću ive

murmuring under branches,            
a stream loses its voice
in osier leaves

Pronađen okom
zrak sunca odnosi
lik na ledu reke

a sun-ray
carries away an image 
on the river's ice

Samotni mesec
sa vetrom u leđima
sebi u susret

a lonesome moon      
downwind toward

Crvenom maku
i već sazrelom žitu
preti isti srp

red poppies
and already ripe wheat threatened
by the same sickle


Predrag Pera Čikarić
Accidentally or intentionally, I was born twice. The first time when I was really begotten, and the second time, after the life fiasco caused by a jump into the water resulting in serious injuries of my spine on July 8, 1971. An enormous desire to live, despite complete paralysis and blindness. An incredible resistance to all life’s horrors. Where do I find so much strength to jump over the threshold of the impossible and to fight in the ongoing rhythm with life and for life? The only leitmotif: survival at any cost, to brighten life for myself and for others so that everything can be endured more easily . . .!?