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From this issue on Svetlana Marisova was supposed to be our Tanka Editor. When the bad news of her having brain cancer reached us, our previous Tanka Editor, Amelia Fielden, was quick to kindly offer to resume her position for the fall issue. In the meantime our Submission Guidelines have been considerably changed regarding tanka submissions in that three tanka will be showcased by every tanka author and requiring contributors to send us their photos and bios along with their no less than 6 tanka via the provided form. However, it happened that many tanka contributors were not, it seems, aware of these requirements, therefore this issue's uneven assorted triage of tanka.

Thank you to Amelia Fielden for her help for this issue and for her serving as our Tanka Editor for previous issues.

Note: Tanka deviating from the true S/L/S/L/L meter will not be accepted.

Please read carefully our Submission Guidelines
Tanka -- an Introduction before submitting.

Robert D. Wilson
Sasa Vazic