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Simply Haiku's Haibun Section stresses that haibun should contain a stand-alone haiku of high quality. This is a very important parameter of the successful haibun. Such a haiku should be like a diamond set in golden prose.

It is a tough call but in this place and time we have a relatively long history of haibun in English. We aspire to build a new school of haibun.
The strong haiku might shine as a first accord in your text or be a final note. Sometimes, haiku within a text might create a certain harmony.
I noticed a strong correlation between a good haiku poet and his or her “well read” status. Read on and get amazed at the best English writing. Get inspired and then choose your best haiku which can be connected with what you want to say at length.

Non-native speakers would do fine if they verify their texts with writers whose mother's tongue’s is English, weed out all typos; they immediately lower the level of our forum and form.

It is very commendable to bring more funny stuff to our Haikuverse, including haibun. Currently, humor is not very frequent in haibun. We may write a serious text and crown it with a humorous senryu or—as some authors do—take a humorous text and attach a classic haiku to it.
And, finally, use the hypertext on the Internet to check for the novelty of your creations.

Please read the Submission page for precise guidelines and send no more than
three haibun to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it