Robert D. Wilson
Co-owner, co-publisher, and co-editor & chief

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Information: Robert D. Wilson is Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor in Chief for Simply Haiku. He is the Teacher/co-owner of the Back to Hokku on-line Facebook workshop forum, and co-owner of Facebook's We Are All Japan group. Wilson is the author of A Soldier's Bones, a collection of 304 hokku and haiku. Wilson is currently working on an textbook dealing with Haiku aesthetics, co-writing two books of poetry with two Japanese poets, is English Haiku Editor for Haiku Reality, and the author of several books he gives to the public free wanting his writings to be available to everyone, rich or poor. Svetlana Marisova called Wilson the alley cat of the haiku world. He lives with some of his family somewhere secluded in the Philippines.